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Project Data contains details on over 38,637 power generation projects dating back to 1908. Project Data enables robust analyses on anything from the growth of biomass fired projects to the oil & gas industry’s demand for gas turbines.

Project Data can be organized in several ways including Project Type (Waste to Energy, Simple Cycle, Combined Cycle, Thermal Renewables, etc); Fuel Type (Biomass, Fossil, Natural Gas, LNG, Oil, etc), Customer Type (IPP, Utility, Distributed Power and Industrial), Technology (CFB, Super Critical, Cogen, etc), Geographic Region, Industry or Country.

For each power gen project, 20 to 25 data points are presented including the project owner, project owner type, project type, project name, location, fuel, equipment utilized (GT, Boiler, etc), technology utilized, configuration, capacity, capital formation date, operating date and more.