Power generation is needed in every corner of the world and utilizes radically diverse technologies. Some examples include a 475 MWe Combined Cycle unit for a USA based utility, a 7.5 MWe biomass cogen unit for an ethanol producer in India, a 4x25 MWe gas turbine FPSO  deployed offshore of UAE; a 7,000 MWe hydro project in Brazil; a 2,000 MWe Ultra Super Critical unit in China and a 25 MWe WTE unit in Switzerland. McCoy tracks all these projects, and thereby presents a comprehensive view of the power project development markets.


Power gen projects follow a uniform practice of implementation: isolating the need, financial and engineering feasibility analyses, fuel considerations, technology selections, environmental and regulatory reviews, equipment bid processes, financial closure, construction, and commercial operability. The financial closure is a unique point in time when all stakeholders (capital providers, engineers, equipment manufacturers, regulators, and power purchase entities, among others) have agreed to the basic terms of the project, and the capital providers sign documentation accepting the financial risk and limited legal liability for the project (Capital Formation). McCoy works with the project stakeholders (i) to understand when Capital Formation has occurred and (ii) to capture the relevant project data for each project.